Reality Check. Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Glenn Beck

What is one to make of a world where two men find the gumption and motivation to drive 2,500 miles from Arizona to Washington to testify before a willing Congress that a law they were mooting was “an attempt by a subversive power to make us part of one world socialistic government”? Apparently that it is, in fact, a rather old world. While this nonsense might seem to be culled from the red-dripping column inches of today’s top stories, it in fact occurred in 1963. As the presidency of Barack Obama dawned many people, myself included, looked forward to a bit of a holiday from the rancorous screaming and pseudo-populist uprising that characterised the presidential campaign. A sweltering summer of angry denunciations, race-baiting, and macho chest thumping gave way to… a summer of angry denunciations, race-baiting and macho chest thumping, however. Many snarky, proto-liberals feverishly typing on sites like Reddit and the Huffington Post ask “don’t they realise they *lost* the … [Read more...]