ASOO! A Show of Our Own

I have been at work on several things recently and been kept frightfully busy. I'm beginning an internship with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in a few days, for one; but there's still more I could be doing, I thought. When my old and dear friend Heather Chase sat down with me and hashed out some ideas for collaborative feminist projects we could work on, we settled on co-hosting a podcast. A Show of Our Own was the product of that and our first episode-- with my crappy mic and all-- was posted this evening. For Episode 2 I promise to have a much better sound set-up (I already tested it tonight so all systems are go with that, but it was too late for this recording). But you can take a look at our two hour special first episode- devoted to discussions of material resources in women's lives. It comes complete with radical music and lots of feministy conversation turning around our personal experiences and some sociological research. From the academic to the personal, we're trying to … [Read more...]