About Me

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Katherine Alejandra Cross is a PhD student at the University of Washington Information School studying, appropriately enough, Information Science. Along the way she will become a Master of Information but she still won’t be able to find your keys for you. She’s had a long and distinguished career as a young academic studying video games and anti-social behaviour online.

She’s also a widely published author and social critic. You may have seen her work in Rolling Stone, The Verge, Polygon, or The Guardian–or heard her dulcet tones on NPR, ABC Radio National, or any number of podcasts. Her semi-regular column on Gamasutra hosts much of her writing about video games.

This blog used to be known as Nuclear Unicorn, and while that site name has served her well throughout her life as an out trans woman, it was time to polish up the joint and use a different snarky name that actually punned on her real name. She owns/is-owned-by two cats and lives with her partner in Seattle.

She can be reached at katherine dot angel dot cross at gmail.