Aboot Me

Your humble correspondent and her big ass sign.

What? You want to know things about me?

The words on the main page aren’t good enough for you, eh? Well, I guess I can share a wee bit. I’m some woman on the internet and I live somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. I wear glasses, drink coffee, and dance in a goofy yet endearing way.

You want more? You *really* want more? You’ll just have to read the journal. Someday, perhaps, I shall descend from Mt. Olympus, my ebon locks twirling in the wind behind me and grace the journal with precious details about my eating habits and favourite colours. But for now I can do little else but tell you my name, rank, and cereal number. Name’s Quinnae, I am a Space Admiral, and my cereal number is 3. That is the number of cereals I absolutely enjoy.

One day there will be pictures and more information, which will hopefully include the cat I dream of owning someday.

The Nuclear Unicorn is the blog of Katherine Cross, writer, feminist, PhD candidate, tadpole sociologist, and co-editor of The Border House.

In the interest of making this Aboot Me more comprehensive, however, I decided to republish the first post of this blog, which is an explanation of its title. Enjoy! (Also, keep in mind it was written several years ago.)

Why Not Coal Fired Unicorn?

Well, several reasons. One, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, and two it would be rather smelly. Who needs smelly when you can be radioactive?

Radioactive. It’s a marvelous word that encapsulates far more than the sum of its syllables, certainly. It’s one of those nice words this language bequeaths to us as a gift for minds to twist into new shapes like so much play-doh or taffy. It can be very literal, or very figurative. This unicorn’s radioactivity is best described as figurative, but with very literal consequences.

Why don’t I start from the beginning, hm?

Pictured: Another nuclear unicorn.

Nuclear unicorn was something that a close friend called me not long ago as we were giggling about something both macropolitical and personal. The fact that I could, apparently, threaten the world. It was in response to some news story, one so generic that the specifics melt away in the sea of samey text and dogma. Another bull handed down from His Infallible-ness The Pope about how those who defy gender norms are as big a threat to the human race as loggers are to the rainforest.

Apparently I have the power to destroy humanity.

My friend and I found this wickedly funny and in a pique of her particular brand of womanly wit remarked “You’re a nuclear unicorn, Quinnae!” Rare, special, almost mythical, and yet evidently packing enough heat to destroy a large city and render it uninhabitable for centuries. Naturally my first thought was “…hot damn, I’m awesome.”

That covers the nuclear bit. But from whence comes the unicorn? Well, the story she and I were laughing about gave you a hint. I defy gender norms.

This is not something I say with smug pride or that I tote around like some perverse ideological iPod or political accessory. Some might think it makes me trendy. They’re idiots. No, I just say that this is what I do as a point of fact; a la ‘I breathe’ or ‘I use the bathroom’ or ‘when I fart it smells like almonds.’ It’s not something to be proud or ashamed of. It just is.

I defy gender norms because I’m a transsexual woman. Therein is another mere, if irritatingly relevant, fact about who I am.

The Slug Family: They appear whenever I feel like I need to illustrate my thoughts in a weird way.

The Slug Family: They appear whenever I need to illustrate my thoughts in a weird way.

That’s just something about me. Like my hair colour or height. According to some, however, by dint of that fact I can destroy the world. So the question becomes, do I use this power for good or for evil, for justice, sin, or for the last slice of pizza? Well, if my super special power is to destroy the world, a girl just doesn’t have many options, now does she? It’s like I got bitten by a radioactive nuke when I was a baby, and really, is there any other kind? How unlucky could I be?

But them’s the breaks, so let’s get to it.

I can be harnessed for good purposes and that’s the ultimate thrust behind this journal. (The word blog is so hopelessly trendy that I’m going to trap myself on a moebius strip of self contradiction by being anti-trendy and calling it a ‘journal’, capesce?) My life by itself gives me a lot to talk about that is, as Janis Joplin would say, of great social and political import. Of course, this spirally horn on my forehead, how others perceive it, and how it affects my life isn’t the only thing I have to talk about.

Feminism and women’s issues, healthcare and welfare, war, terrorism, sex, drugs (mostly Tylenol), rock and roll, death metal, and Hello Kitty, these are a few of my favourite things… to talk about. They’ll all get their turn, you’ll all get to know me…

And hopefully after a little while of hanging out with me you’ll all glow in the dark.


For posterity’s sake, here’s the old banner that used to be at the top of the blog’s front page, which my earliest readers will very likely remember as that thing that made them question whether I was old enough to vote:


  1. First, give up an notion you have of “owning” a cat. As one of those old cat ladies I can tell you, you adopt a cat and it adopts you. It’s a mutual respect thing.

    Second, you cannot destroy the world…..you are, however, a mirror of every insecurity in every person you encounter just by continuing to refuse to die or slip into another dimension (or was that dementiaion) or dissolving into a haze of probabilities like Schrodinger’s cat. (see how I cleverly returned to cats?)….as for your last post on knowing your own reality is real…..you look inside and then you look outside. It’s no biggie hon.

  2. Hi, I’m currently interning for Kotaku.com. We would love to run you story “Problematically in the Voice of a Night Elf Woman” on Kotaku. With your permission, the story would run in it’s entirety on Kotaku, with your byline, a link to your site and a brief bio that you would supply us with. Your story would look something like the articles that can be found here: http://kotaku.com/tag/republished/

    If you’re interested you can let me know at my email, amber.nichols89@gmail.com


  3. Hi Quinnae. I have just come across your blog as a result of being directed to your post on Kate’s Kontroversy and am now delving further in. I have added you to my blogroll – if you were willing to reciprocate you can find me here 🙂

  4. Love the box pleats. And the pearls. Timeless.

  5. bonze blayk says:

    Dear Nuc, if I may address you as a familiar friend:

    You claim this quest is “accidental”, and yet full-knowing that your very existence threatens to undermine the Sacred Binary that undergirds all of existence, publish a… “journal”?

    I get the feeling you are “having us on”, but as I am a 100% full-time dead-serious Personage, I will quash this qualm without mercy, and mention this only in passing…

    Yrs Truly,
    bonzie anne

    PS: Very nice to happen across your bl… ahem, journal. You have a very admirable writing style, for someone who is apparently employed in academia :-).

  6. Quinnae,
    I just would like to say that I would very much like to be your friend in real life, however impossible that may be. I stumbled across your journal somehow, and now I’m quite glad that I did. I think you’re neat.
    Noah (whose cereal number is four)

  7. I just happened across your journal and enjoy what I see so far. Your thoughts on women and gaming are exciting and refreshing. Maybe you will not destroy the world, but you will certainly make an impact.

  8. I love your drawings 😀 I came across your journal today on twitter and am enjoying the clarity of thought here. Much love.

  9. Thank you for writing your piece about Brennan and I hope you stay safe. I was really disappointed that Laurie Penny felt unable to write her piece…in some respects, that is not like her.

    And I really wish that someone would find a legal way to restrict the worst of Brennan’s actions and outpourings.

  10. Color me stunned! Awesome CB piece. I have tried to get my head around the TERF reasoning by reading some notable blogs and engaging in “dialog” with some of the people there. I have to begrudgingly admit that there is huge power in repeating the same message, the same words, the same irrelevant phrases over and over in reply to everything. It works for our conservative pundits and it works for CB and GM and others whose names must not be invoked (wink). We are moving forward and the resistance shows our strength.

    “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you Then they fight you. Then you win” Nicholas Klein in a 1914 address to a labor union congress.


  1. […] how torn queer and trans communities are by these politics.  We recently came across this post by Quinnae Moongazer, a woman who writes against the virtual side of call out culture and separatism.  We thought the […]

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