If you’d like to get in touch for personal reasons, press, or private inquiries I can be reached at katherine dot angel dot cross at gmail dot com (Have a public speaking request? See below). I read all emails and will respond as I am able, and of course all correspondence is kept confidential. I define “correspondence” as a nice exchange between two people who are friendly and respectful to one another; me speaking with someone who treats me like a human being.

If you wish to book me to speak:

Want to bring me to your campus, your company, or your organisation to give a talk about technology, gaming, online harassment, trans/feminism and/or reproductive justice? Feel free to visit my page at SoapBox Inc to book me and we can go from there! They’re wonderful people who can help to accommodate any requests you might have. Thank you so much for your interest!

If you wish to use any written material on this site:

Feel free to do so as long as you cite me and link back here. I would appreciate if you emailed me before using it, I do like to be aware of where and how my work is being used. But I understand this isn’t always practical. Otherwise, feel free!