State of the ‘Corn: Where I’ve Been!

For anyone who might be interested, I've written a piece for The Border House about the portrayal of women's power and sexuality in games. Hop on over if you want to read! I am also, as always, busy with work, reading, and being an international woman of mystery but more will be up here on The Nuclear Unicorn soon enough. And by soon I mean Soon(TM). … [Read more...]

Lest We Forget

There are ample things to be said about such a day as this. For me the Day of Remembrance is about remembering the lives of those we have lost as they would want to be remembered, as the people they truly were, not as the lie that cis media repeats ad nauseam. I have wondered aloud if journalists go to a special school where they learn how best to utterly trash and defame dead trans women. The rather unpleasant spectacle created by the British press- both populist and 'higher class'- surrounding the death of Sonia Burgess is just one all too contemporary example of the kind of slander that becomes so bad many have described it as a second death. Yet deaths like hers are often the ones that get the most attention; as the list on any number of TDOR websites will tell you, those we lose are often from groups less likely to be mentioned in the papers under any circumstances. The unremembered women on the front lines of sex work, impoverished women in Latin America just trying to get by, … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Kate Bornstein

Dear Auntie Kate, (can I call you that?) I have had more than a few reservations about your gender theory for quite a while now but have held my tongue for a variety of reasons. Yet as I read through your latest op-ed in Out magazine, The Trouble With Tranny, I was profoundly troubled. I came to a point where I realised I just couldn’t stay silent any more because of the venues in which you’re promoting a certain kind of theory that is, perhaps despite your good intentions, very transphobic. If I haven’t already lost you, allow me to explain. You begin the article with fond reminiscences about your time with Doris Fish, a prominent drag queen, whose views regarding trans women you characterise in the following way: “I was afraid of her raw sexuality, but bowled over by her courage. Doris was amused by my quest to become a real woman.” (Emphasis mine)   “Like me in the late ’80s in San Francisco, the majority of MTF transsexuals just wanted to live their lives as closely … [Read more...]

Pledge Drive Without the Tote Bags

I'm sure that many of my readers also read Questioning Transphobia and thus this may well not be news to any of you, but just in case, I felt I ought to boost the signal on something posted there very recently. Ok, so we hate to do this, but it’s necessary.  It’s hard to ask for help, even when you’re desperate. Lisa and I are both struggling to survive.  Both of us are unemployed.  I don’t have money for food this next fortnight–let alone internet or hormone treatments.  Lisa has a staph infection she can’t afford to see a doctor for, and no money for hormones either. We know that so many of you are struggling hard too, especially at the moment.  We don’t do this for money (there is none), but we’d appreciate it so much if those of you who can afford it would think about helping us out. The paypal button to donate is here: I have already donated and am raising awareness amongst my good friends about all of this. If you've a dollar/a pound/a euro to spare, please consider … [Read more...]