Pledge Drive Without the Tote Bags

I’m sure that many of my readers also read Questioning Transphobia and thus this may well not be news to any of you, but just in case, I felt I ought to boost the signal on something posted there very recently.

Ok, so we hate to do this, but it’s necessary.  It’s hard to ask for help, even when you’re desperate.

Lisa and I are both struggling to survive.  Both of us are unemployed.  I don’t have money for food this next fortnight–let alone internet or hormone treatments.  Lisa has a staph infection she can’t afford to see a doctor for, and no money for hormones either.

We know that so many of you are struggling hard too, especially at the moment.  We don’t do this for money (there is none), but we’d appreciate it so much if those of you who can afford it would think about helping us out. The paypal button to donate is here:

I have already donated and am raising awareness amongst my good friends about all of this. If you’ve a dollar/a pound/a euro to spare, please consider it. Questioning Transphobia is an invaluable resource for trans people on the Internet- it has built community, provides a platform for radical thinking and empowering trans folk to be proud of themselves, and is a strong antidote to the self-loathing society often imposes upon us. Not too long after I came out I stumbled onto this site and was amazed at the possibilities it elucidated. I didn’t have to be ashamed? I could claim subjectivity as both a trans person and as a woman? Feminism could include me? Such realisations were hard won, and QT’s provision of a news and opinion service to the trans community that does not apologise for our existence and bows to no one is still something of a rarity.

On a personal note, Lisa and Emily are wonderful, zany people whose friendship is quite valuable to me. Like so many people I care about in my life I wish to the Goddess that I could simply will their problems away. But life is, alas, not so accommodating. Despite that, I’ve found the people who somehow make it through their challenging lives can be quite remarkable and it is that which has kept QT going all these years; support, love, and generosity from the trans community and its allies. It never fails to impress me, and is one of many things that does continue to give me hope.

At the risk of sounding terribly trite, keep the flame burning.

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